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Fulham Plumber, 42 Dairy Close, Fulham, London, SW6 4HA

Boiler Repair Fulham

Your boiler is at the heart of your heating and hot water systems. When things go wrong with your boiler, you need the expert assistance of the Boiler Repair Fulham team.


Definitely not advised! You need a gas registered engineer or plumber if the boiler is gas heated, or a heating engineer or plumber if you have an electric one. In either case, you should get a professional opinion. In particular, you must never hesitate about getting help when your boiler seems defective. This is because the gas-powered boilers can become blocked with potentially lethal consequences. They may give off poisonous carbon monoxide gas, which is odourless, so you may not realise you are dying until it is too late!

Our plumbers

At Local Plumbing Fulham Comapny, our plumbers  are well qualified. This means they can deal with your boiler safely. They also sort out all the pipes associated with your heating or hot water system.
What is the difference between a heating engineer and a plumber?
Many people get confused by this. Put simply, the heating engineer is qualified to deal with all kinds of heating and installing the heating systems. They can be specialists in the boiler repair field. A plumber, on the other hand, can not only install and repair your heating and boiler, he also deals with a multitude of other tasks concerning pipes and water and the plumbing systems within your building.

Boiler Repair Fulham services

We offer the following boiler services,

  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Emergency call out

One piece of advice

You can save yourself grief and money when you take the opportunity to arrange for a regular servicing inspection for your boiler. We can deal with little problems before they become big problems. Then you would pay more as well as suffer from the inconvenience. Therefore, if you would like to arrange for a routine check just give us a ring today, and the local team will arrive at your place at your convenience. And if your boiler appears faulty ring us now.

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