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Boiler Repair Fulham

Looking for a skilled engineer to deal with your faulty boiler? In need of a boiler service? Then you’re on the right page.

Boiler Installation in Fulham

If you need a new boiler, we can provide you with an energy-efficient model that can deliver the heating and hot water to your home while also helping you save on bills. We only install the best-rated boilers from top brands, including Worcester Bosch, Ideal and Vaillant. You can rest assured knowing that quality is always paramount.

There are many things to consider when choosing the right boiler for your needs. Our experts can work with you to help decide what is the best choice for you. This will include looking at your water consumption, how much space you have, and where the best location for the boiler is. For ease of installation and minimal disruption, it’s usually best to fit a new boiler in the same location as the old one.

Your boiler is like the heart of your home. It keeps you warm when it’s cold through central heating, and provides you with hot water that allows you to wash yourself comfortably as well as wash your dishes without any hassle. But it’s not until things go wrong that we truly appreciate how much we rely on our boilers. If something does go wrong, you’ll want it fixed right away. That’s where the expert Boiler Repair Fulham team come in. If you think you will require specific boiler-related support, then keep in mind our offering of a boiler service in Fulham by Boiler Solutions.

But can’t I just fix it myself? That’s definitely not advised! Only registered professionals are allowed to carry out gas work. So it’s always a good idea to ensure anyone you hire is correctly registered for the works they are carrying out. If something does go wrong, it’s important to not delay, as the problem could get worse.

Stop worrying about your boiler and have the professionals at Fulham Boiler Repair help you.

Our Services

  • Installation
  • Repair
  • Maintenance
  • Servicing
  • Emergency call-out

Call Now for a Boiler Repair in Fulham

Feel like your boiler is malfunctioning? Are you looking for a plumber to help sort your boiler out? We’ve got you covered. Whether it’s a boiler repair or an installation, we have the best plumbers in the business. Get in touch with us to get your free quote. If you wish to proceed, we will get one of our plumbers Fulham to visit you. At the same time, why not have a look at our Fulham Heating Repairs service page?


Gas Engineer Fulham

A heating specialist’s job focuses on the repair, installation and maintenance of a heating system, especially in your home or even business location. This job is quite technical and requires a lot of attention to detail, skill and know-how. A heating engineer Fulham would have gone through years of training followed by more years of experience working in the trade. It is important that you book a boiler engineer Fulham to undertake this kind of job as it is not something a homeowner should do by themselves. A boiler expert’s knowledge in this subject will ensure that a proper job is done and that the boiler has been handled by a pair of professional hands. Chances are that if your boiler has been altered with without the help of a gas engineer Fulham, then you could be at risk of experiencing a carbon monoxide gas leak.

Boiler Servicing Fulham

In the same way that you get your car regularly serviced, it’s important to get your boiler serviced to keep it running as efficiently as possible. We typically recommend that a service is carried out every year. While there is of course a cost involved, doing this could help to prevent faults from occurring with your system, help to extend the life of your boiler, and ultimately save you money in the future.

Once you hire Fulham Boiler Repair, our engineer will conduct a series of checks in your home to ensure your central heating system is working properly. This includes checking that your gas pressure and flow are all correct, as well as an inspection of your water and gas pipework. The engineer may also clean parts of the boiler and replace parts as necessary.

When it comes to keeping your boiler running smoothly, an annual boiler service is essential. Spending a bit of money on a boiler service could save you a huge repair or replacement cost in the future. Not only that, but you get the peace of mind to know there won’t be any issues when you need your boiler most.

If you’d like to book an annual or one-off service with one of our friendly engineers, contact us today.

Boiler Repair Service Fulham

Sometimes for whatever reason, boilers decide to break down. Whether a part has worn, dirt has been allowed to accumulate, or pipes have come loose, getting the problem fixed is your number one priority. You’ll usually know this is the case as your boiler will display an error code and you likely won’t have access to any hot water. If this occurs, you can check the manual for more information on what the fault code means. Most manufacturers will have an online copy of the manual available to download on their websites.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of boiler faults are hard for the average person to diagnose. Plus, if you’re not a qualified engineer, you shouldn’t be attempting such repairs on your own anyway. Not only is it dangerous, but it will also invalidate any warranty you may have on the boiler. So, don’t hesitate to contact us today for all your boiler repair needs. We specialize in professional boiler repairs, so you can rely on us to fix the problem.


Q? How much does a Gas Safe boiler service cost?

A. A one-off gas-safe boiler service is roughly £90. Your engineer may recommend repairs while on-site, and these will come with an additional charge. No extra work will be carried out without your permission.

Q? Should I repair or replace my boiler?

A. If your boiler is older than 10-15 years old, the cost of repairs could mean it’s more worthwhile to get a new boiler.

Q? Where can I find the serial number of my boiler?

A. The serial number is normally located on the drop-down panel on the front of the boiler. Certain boilers may have a tag underneath them that slides out to reveal the serial number

Q? Why is my boiler pressure too high or too low?

A. The pressure in your system can fluctuate for different reasons. Over time, air can get into the system, changing the pressure. Another reason could be that there is a leak somewhere in the system. A change in pressure could also mean that the expansion vessel inside your boiler may need to be replaced.

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