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Fulham Plumber, 42 Dairy Close, London SW6 4HA


Plumber Fulham Services

Shower Repair Service

Shower repairs and upgrades – we can install a new shower, repair an older one, upgrade you shower to a power unit or fit a new shower head. You may decide to fit safety features and new shower surrounds. When you shower goes wrong or if you need further advice, just contact your local Watford plumber.

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Boiler Repair Service

Your boiler is the heart of your heating and hot water system. We offer same day boiler repair and servicing. Prepare for the cold weather by scheduling regular maintenance checks, you can save money in the long term.

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Blocked Toilet Repair

The best action to take if your toilet is blocked is to call Fulham Plumbers. We have the tools and we know how to remove the block completely, and not just force it further into your pipes. For a long- term solution, it’s best to get in the experts. Delays can be unpleasant!

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Domestic Plumbing

We offer a full plumbing service to houses and apartments across Fulham. You can feel confident in our services. Plumber Fulham services staff carry identification cards to reassure you that wear who we say we are – skilled and competent plumbers for excellent work and a friendly manner.

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Other Services

Commercial Plumbing

Offices, businesses and commercial properties throughout Fulham and the surrounding area use our services. We understand the need for speed, competence and a fair price. All our plumbers are qualified and registered. Plumber Fulham services deal with any size of plumbing effectively, pipe work, installations, repairs, assessment and maintenance.

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Are you struggling to get your head around when it comes to drain blockages? It is when you need help from drainage specialists. The presence of a drainage expert is essential at this point.



Plumbing issues in houses are not new, especially since drain blockages are very irritating. We often find no immediate remedy for the problems as they require to be seen by a professional. So, if you seek drain unblocking Fulham services, you are on the right page. If you are a homeowner facing a blocked drain Fulham problem, you can contact a professional from Plumber Fulham.



Even though blocked pipes and clogged drains may initially seem like minor difficulties, they can quickly become more serious issues. In addition to corrosion, slow water drainage, flooding, and, in severe cases, sewage backup and expensive repairs, clogged drains can also cause other problems. If you have a clogged sink in your house in Fulham, do not forget to call professional plumbing services to address the issue.


Local Plumber

You will find there are several advantages when you choose a local plumber. A fast response time, excellent customer care to keep our reputation high – and Plumber Fulham services offer an outstanding quality of work as well. Fulham is our area, and we give it our best. (Which is very, very good!).

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Central Heating Repairs

When your central heating stops functioning – usually in mid-winter, you know you must get help. Fulham team of plumbers can send a skilled plumber to assess the situation and solve your heating problem. Whether it is a simple repair or a whole new system, you can rely on us to give you the best advice and offer an affordable fee for our work.

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Water Leak Detection

If you have a leak – we will find it and stop it. A major leak can cause structural damage to your property if not stopped quickly and our emergency team can be with you within the hour. Slow leaks also cause damage, but our equipment and knowledge can find even well-hidden leaks. CTV peers round corners and lets us assess the damage and repair it.

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Main Features

At Local Plumbing Company Fulham we put our customers first. We have thought about what the customer wants and needs, and have come up with some key features of our service.

We are based in Fulham, and we serve Fulham and the surrounding area – for all their plumbing needs.
Wherever you work or live in our area, Fulham Plumbing is ready to help you. We look after the plumbing in homes, offices, industrial and commercial premises. Our staff have the necessary experience and training to tackle any plumbing job successfully.

  • Local company
  • Reliable service
  • Fast response
  • Low prices
  • Excellent work
  • Friendly workers

Greetings! It's your Local Plumber at your service. We offer boiler, drainage, and general plumbing solutions in London. So how may we serve you today?