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Fulham Plumber, 42 Dairy Close, London SW6 4HA

About Us

About Fulham Plumbers

We are your local, professional plumbers. Indeed, if you have any plumbing issues, Fulham Plumbers can assist you. Whether you need repairs, emergencies or new installations, we deal with them all – and we are right here in Fulham.

As your local plumbing team, we come quickly when that pipe bursts or when this drain is blocked and overflowing. Traffic will not phase us. Nor will local regulations puzzle us, we know our way around the Fulham scene. Therefore, trust about Fulham Plumbers services and contact our plumbers for top-notch services.

More About Us

Fulham Plumbers Professional Team

The main important fact about Fulham Plumbers is because they take their work seriously, and have a lot of fun doing it exceptionally well, they act in a professional manner. If you have scheduled a visit, then we arrive on time. Then again, Fulham plumbers wear a uniform – not just anyone can be a member of our team. In addition, all of us have our own ID card, which we offer you examine. And all of us have passed our plumbing qualifications – and normally, we also take on additional, higher level training. Because we are professionals we expect that we should keep up with the latest news and technologies in the plumbing world.

Our Equipment

You know the saying “a bad workman blames his tools”? But our equipment is modern and well maintained. Indeed, we look after our tools – and we never need to blame them as our work is always excellent.

Customers First

At Plumbing Fulham Company we believe that customer is the first importance. Therefore, you will be treated with respect and courtesy. So, we listen to you, we respect your views and we are always honest in our dealing with you.  Indeed, you will find that our prices are very competitive – and we never hide extra expenses – you will always know how much you need to pay. At the same time, we will make sure about Fulham Plumbers services as they offer the best price possible, teamed with top quality work. Additionally, we can offer affordable payment options. So, if you have any plumbing questions call Fulham Plumbers, because we deal with the whole range of plumbing issues.

Our Team

Owner / Operations – Tim Harrison

Tim is the owner of your Local Plumbing Company Fulham. So, he has a good knowledge about the plumbing requirements of customers. In addition, having years of experience in the plumbing business, he is quick to identify the faults within your plumbing, heating or any other related area. He always advises his team to provide good quality work, on-time work, and effective work for every job they do. Especially, his friendly personality helps him to build a good relationship with others.

Chief Plumbing Inspector – Collin Edwards

Collin is one of the loyal plumbers in our Plumbing Company Fulham. Especially, his duty is to coordinates others to do the job smoothly. In addition, over years of experience, he has come to realise that each job needs supervision from someone. Also he advises his members to keep their attention on the job they are doing. You can complete good quality work if you do that. He is dedicated to his job. His friendly manner is appreciated by his team.

Customer Representative – Mike Stane

Mike is our customer representative. So, he is your first contact with Plumbing Company Fulham. His duty is to communicate with customers and allocate them to the right person they need to contact. Most importantly, Mike is a calm and friendly character. For that reason, communication with customers is not difficult for Mike. Especially, he plays one of the major roles within our plumbing business in Fulham.

General Plumbing Specialist – David McCoist

David plays a key role as plumbing specialist in Plumbing Company Fulham. So, David is the most suitable one for the job. Especially, he has more than 15 years of experience in the plumbing industry. He has covered the whole the area, including central heating, blocked toilets, drain repairs and any other plumbing job. Also he loves what he does. Therefore, we feel lucky to work with David.

Greetings! It's your Local Plumber at your service. We offer boiler, drainage, and general plumbing solutions in London. So how may we serve you today?